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Black Angus USDA Dry-Aged Beef Steaks:
Rib Eye Steaks (Extra Lg)
Top Sirloin Filet Mignon Steaks (Extra Lg)
Sirloin Strip Style Steaks
New York Steaks (Extra Lg)
New York Steaks
Pub Patties

6-Pack Special: $388.00

USDA Choice Dry-Aged Steaks: Executive Pack!
Our Steaks are all Premium Dry-Aged Black Angus Beef Without Chemicals!
8 Tenderloin Steaks (Extra Large)
4 Rib Eye Steaks (Spencer Cut/Extra Large)
8 Rib Eye Steaks (Spencer Cut)
5 New York Strip Steaks (Extra Large)
8 New York Strip Steaks
12 Pub Patties (Extra Lean)

*45 Steaks, 6-Pack Case Special: $458.00

USDA Beef Steaks:WordPress picture

Rib Eye Steaks
Top Sirloin Steaks with Bacon
New York Steaks
Top Sirloin Steaks (Ranch Style)
Sirloin Strip Style Steaks
Pub Patties
6-Pack Special: $368.00

WordPress picture Gourmet Chicken:

(Contains an Assortment of 6 of the Following Selections)

Boneless Skinless Plain Breasts
Barbecue Style Breasts
Italian Style Breasts
Breaded Chicken Strip
Shish Kabob
Fajita Style Breasts
Teriyaki Style BreastsWordPress picture
Lemon Pepper Breasts
Honey Mustard Dijon Breasts
Fiesta Style Breasts
Mesquite Breasts
Chicken Cordon Bleu
6-Pack Special: $268.00

Additional Seafood Options:

Shrimp (All Sizes)
ScallopsWordPress picture
Crab Legs
Red Snapper
Steaks are restaurant trimmed. That means it has 30% to 40% less fat and bone than that which you purchase in the supermarket.

We guarantee our products for 1 year against freezer burn. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we will promptly replace or exchange the product. No refunds. Our full exchange policy guarantees  your satisfaction. Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave a message for our Customer Service Department at 805-602-0065.




Exotic Meats!

Bison (American Buffalo), Elk, Venison, Wild Boar, Black Bear,  
Alligator, Antelope, Quail, Mallard Duck, Pheasant, Frog Legs,
Kangaroo, Llama, Ostrich, Rabbit, Rattlesnake & Python, Yak, Goat,
Wagyu Beef (Kobe beef is currently unavailable for import to the USA)                                                                                                                                                              Salamis/Jerky/*Applewood Smoked Bacon*

Note:  All items in Exotic Meats category are not available for shipping. Minimum order requirements are required on most items. We require 50% down and 50% cash payment on delivery. All orders require 2-3 weeks notice. All items are based on availability. Please telephone for details!




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Dry-aged beef is seldom available outside of steak restaurants and upscale butcher shops or groceries. The key effect of dry aging is the concentration and saturation of the natural flavor, as well as the tenderisation of the meat texture.
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